Australian Freezebrands

Australian freezebrands use the "alpha angle" symbols - with two lines of four symbols each. As from 1/8/87 all freezebrands had an extra symbol added to denote the foal is a Standardbred. In addition, the last two digits of
the year of foaling have now been included.

The new Australian Freezebrand Symbols read as follows:

Example Standardbred State Postcode * Year of Foaling Registered No.
S2870001 S 2 87 0001

* State Identification Numbers:

2 - New South Wales
3 - Victoria
4 - Queensland
5 - South Australia
6 - Western Australia
7 - Tasmania

Corresponding Australian Freezebrand Symbols

The brands are usually found on the off side of the horse's neck. Source:  Australian Trotting Stud Book

Australian Freezebrands Symbols

New Zealand Freezebrands

New Zealand use the "T.V.I." system of freezebrands which are applied as a two line brand.  The top line is three symbols - two to denote the year of birth and the other (the letter "Z") to indicate the country of origin (New Zealand).  The bottom line is a four symbol number.

Example Year of Foaling Country Registered No.
97Z0001 S Z 0001

Corresponding New Zealand eezebrand Symbols

The brands are usually found on the off side of the horse's neck.

If you find a lost horse that you can identify as a Standardbred from these freezebrands, please contact the relevant State Controlling Body.

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